Our dream is to provide the best of education which we can do for you, or a thing which develop a human being, direct him or her to live a better life.We are not limited to www.nationread.com only, it is only a start-up. We are bringing two new domains www.indicular.com or www.engligiru.com where you will get more than you need related to any English and Hindi type of Content. NationRead》No need to worry more about questions practie,Study materials,Sample papers etc. We are bringing these all on 1 sep. 2017. We promise you our website will be simple and smooth. There will be no need of sign up, payment and any other irritating things for any NCERT questions, Papers etc. Stay connected with us, Send us mail @ ravichaubey43@gmail.com or contact undersigned.

Ravi Chaubey(CEO)
Google plus:www.google.com/+raviranjanchaubey
Bhilwara, Raj. (India)

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  1. Nice yar ravi go for it all the best we are with you!

  2. Kartik Meghwal15 May 2016 at 10:51

    Nice information provided in this webpage we hope it can be more bettet try your hard...