1. We shall follow the principle of three R’s
 (i) Reduce: Use natural resources in limited quantity avoiding wastage.
 (ii) Recycle: Recycle plastic, paper, glass and metal for further use.
 (iii) Reuse: Envelops can be reversed for reuse.

2. (a) Avoid unnecessary use of water coolers, heaters, fans and lights.
 (b) Plantation of trees around the school
 (c) Preparation of compost
 (d) Water harvesting.
 (e) Storing separately the articles that can be recycled.

3. The local people who live in or around the forest area should have the authority to
decide the management of forest produces. These people know various practices to
use the resources in sustainable manner. These people have been using the forest
and wild life resources since ancient times without harming or causing any damage
to the environment.

4. As an individual
 (a) (i) I will not allow cutting of trees.
 (ii) I shall plant one tree every year and watch it growing.
 (b) (i) I shall use water judiciously.
 (ii) I shall immediately repair leaky taps
 (c) (i) I shall pool the car for going to office.
 (ii) Every Sunday will be no car Sunday.

5. The following measures can be taken:
 (a) Save electricity by switching off unnecessary lights and fan.
 (b) Walk or cycle whenever possible.
 (c) Use CFL instead of bulbs
 (d) Do not wastes food
 (e) Repair leaky taps at the earliest instant.

6. (i) not wasted electricity.
(ii) Planted a tree
(iii) Used cloth bag for shopping.
(iv) Not used my car and used public transport
(b) (i) I forgot to switch off room light and television set when I was away for
two days.
(ii) Water kept running when I brushed the teeth and when shaved my
 (iii) Household garbage was thrown on the roadside.
 (iv) I mixed biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes.

7. I shall
 (i) Minimize use of fossils fuels by pooling of car and use of public transport.
 (ii) Recycle plastic, paper, glass etc.
 (iii) Provide for water harvesting
 (iv) Plant more trees.
 (v) Use the principle of three R’s.

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